Spine Fractures

Spinal fractures are cracks in the backbone that range from small stress fractures to full breaks.

If you have severe back pain and have been told it might be a spinal fracture, call today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Kasthuri to discuss whether vertebral augmentation could help your pain.

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What is a Spinal Fracture?

Spinal fractures are cracks in the backbone that range from small stress fractures to full breaks.

What Causes A Spinal Fracture?

Spinal fractures are often caused by a traumatic injury such as a fall, car accident, or movements that cause pressure on the bones of the spine. Osteoporosis is often an underlying cause, making the bones easier to fracture. Sometimes when osteoporosis is severe, fractures can occur without any trauma because the bones are so soft. Certain bone cancers can also cause spinal fractures.

What are the symptoms of a fractured spine?

Common symptoms of a fractured spine include:  

  • Sudden onset back pain that worsens with movement 
  • Difficulty getting out of bed, standing, walking, bending, and performing everyday activities 
  • Loss of bowel and bladder control 
  • Numbness, tingling, and weakness in the legs 
  • Loss of consciousness 

If you suffer from osteoporosis, multiple compression fractures can cause you to lose body height, acquire a stooped posture, and lose strength in your back.


How do you treat spine fractures?

For painful compression fractures, Dr. Kasthuri performs vertebral augmentation. During the minimally invasive endovascular procedure, he injects a cement-like material into the vertebrae to stabilize the spine. Not all fractures should be fixed with vertebral augmentation, so he will discuss your specific fracture with you during your consult. Part of the healing process for any spinal fracture involves a period of rehabilitation. Dr. Kasthuri helps you develop a plan, incorporating periods of rest and exercise, to support proper healing.  If you have been told you have a spinal fracture and are experiencing back pain that is affecting your life, Dr. Kasthuri may be able to help. Contact Northwest Endovascular Surgery online or over the phone to schedule an appointment. 
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